Have yourself a healthy little Christmas…

Have yourself a healthy little Christmas…

When you think about Christmas it’s fair to say that many of us think about food. The idea of coming together and celebrating is often fuelled by delicious, edible treats-not to mention numerous TV adverts promoting mouth-watering Christmas ranges! Christmas doesn’t have to be a complete calorie right off, nor does it have to be a time for dieting or ‘safe eating’ but bringing an element of healthy goodness into your Christmas might just work in your favour. Here at the Cheapest Life Insurance we take a look at a healthy Christmas…

First things first, it isn’t difficult to over eat at Christmas. The equivalent of an extra 500 calories could mean you have a couple glasses of wine or a mini sausage roll. Choosing your nibbles, snacks, oils and alcohol wisely is all part of having a healthier Christmas.

Top tips for a happy healthy Christmas:

  • Nibble on unsalted nuts-walnuts and roasted chestnuts are just a couple of examples of nuts which are unsalted and great for your energy levels. Salted peanuts and crisps are full of salt and can contribute to raised blood pressure. If you do go salty, just make the quantity less.
  • Turkey Time-like chicken most of the fat from a turkey comes from the skin. Instead of adding oil or butter to the skin why not allow it to drain by pricking the skin?
  • Low fact snacks: choose or make your own popcorn, spiced apple crisps, pretzels, wraps or vegetables and hummus. Snacking at Christmas is hard to avoid so seeking out a healthier option could be a good shout.
  • Pile up the veg: putting vegetables on your plate first means you’ll have less room for other foods plus vegetables will keep you full and are packed with vitamins and minerals.
  • Cooking time: vegetables cooked for less time tend to keep their nutritional value.
  • Crispy Potatoes: cooking your healthy potatoes in duck/goose fat or lard can give them a lovely crunch on the outside but roasting them in vegetable fat is a more healthy option. Vegetable fats are lower in saturates and high in polyunsaturated which have been shown to help in lower blood cholesterol levels.
  • Most people will partake in a few drinks over the Christmas period. If you’re looking for a low calorie option consider having a single measured spirit with a diet mixer for around 60 calories or a white wine spritzer for around 90.  Shockingly, a large glass of wine usually adds up to a whopping 180 calories and a pint of Beer is 200 so a healthy alternative could make all the difference.
  • Use your left overs: turkey without the skin is low in fat as well as sprouts, carrots and hams being great ingredients for salads and wraps.

A healthier Christmas isn’t for everyone. Making Christmas a little healthier doesn’t mean you miss out. The only thing you may out on is the diet craziest January that so many of us feel we have to endure!

If you’re spending time with friends and family this Christmas have a think about protecting your life as we start a new year. Call 0800 6800 205 for your free, non-obligation quote.

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