Has Facebook affected your health?

Has Facebook affected your health?

In a time when most of the people we know have a Facebook profile, including parents and grandparents, it’s time to take a look at if Facebook has effected more than just our social lives and topics of conversation? Has Facebook affected your health and lifestyle? The Cheapest Life Insurance takes a look at a social network that has become just a normal part of our everyday lives…

Facebook is a great time waster, conversation point, and also a great way to keep in touch with our loved ones or lost contacts. But has our interest in, and accessibility of Facebook relate to the amount of activity we do in our spare time. Are we losing out on exercise and the outside when we’re having our evening fix of social networking? This day and age has provided us with the ability to lock ourselves away and communicate with people without leaving our sofas. We can exercise at home with various apps, DVDs or gaming technologies such as a Wii.

For some of you reading this article you may be thinking even the thought of Facebook having an effect on your health must be a dramatic overstatement but out there, all over the world is a huge number of people who base a big chunk of their lives around social networking-whether it’s chatting over instant messaging, sending pictures or even online dating. With TV series such as ‘Catfish’, it’s fair to say that Facebook can have both a negative and positive affect on people’s lives. ‘Catfish the TV Show’ follows the story of people dating online, sometimes for years, often using Facebook profiles-most are fake. Facebook has given people the ability to become ‘other’ people or to live a life that isn’t their own-taking up a lot of their time and emotions.

It may not be as easy to say yes or no as to whether Facebook affects your health. The issue seems a little deeper than that. ‘Facebook’ itself is simply a social resource but the way people use it at times can seem a little more affecting on a person’s wellbeing and lifestyle.  The key to answering the question is to think about how individuals use Facebook. For many of us the relationship is simple, it’s something to pick up and drop whenever the need or mood takes us but for others it can prove less healthy.

If Facebook, Twitter or any other socially interactive sites are stopping a person from maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle such as not getting physical exercise, keeping friendships, eating properly or stopping you from seeing the outside world it’s simple to say your health is being affected. This may seem like a dramatic statement but for some people it is a reality.

Facebook can work as fantastic resource for people to track and engage with each other’s lives. It can bring people together and keep relationships alive but there is a darker side to Facebook-certainly not for everyone but definitely for some. It’s a great escape and it can seem like a real life fantasy world.  We live in time when there’s another world out there and for most of us it’s only moments away.

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