Global Belly Laugh Day

Global Belly Laugh Day

Today is Global Belly Laugh Day, a day to celebrate laughter and the happiness that it brings us. So when it comes to 1:24pm today make sure that you are smiling, through up your arms into the air and laugh louder than you have ever laughed before!

In today’s blog, here at the cheapest life insurance we are going to try to convince you to celebrate this day by listing the health benefits that are associated with laughter!

  • Benefit one – Laughter helps you relax and let go of any tension, or stress that you may be experiencing. A good laugh can even keep your muscles relaxed for up for 45 minutes!
  • Benefit two – Laughter can help to lower your blood pressure as well as increasing the vascular blood flow and oxygenation of the blood.
  • Benefit three - Laughing can help improve your alertness, creativity and memory.
  • Benefit four - Laughing can also provide a spurt of exercise. Researchers have even said that ‘laughing 100 times is equivalent to ten minutes on a rowing machine’!
  • Benefit five - It is proven that laughing can help with pain. Laughter eases fear and anger and allows us to deal better in bad situations.
  • Benefit six – Laughing can also improve your social skills. Laughter allows people to connect and feel more comfortable around others. Researchers also believe that you are 30 times more likely to laugh in social surroundings, than if you were on your own!
  • Benefit seven – Laughter can boost your immune system as it decreases stress hormones, which improves circulation and oxygen intake and releases negative emotions can all work towards keeping you fit and healthy!

Now that you have seen what the power of laughter can do why not get out and chuckle your way to a healthier life?

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