Get Fit for Free!

Get Fit for Free!

The thought of an expensive gym membership can easily put people of the idea of exercise but it’s time to take a look at ways to exercise which won’t cost you a penny! Here at the Cheapest Life Insurance we love to save you money and finding something which works for your situation is top of our agenda. Don’t forget that exercise should be teamed with a healthy intake of food and a balanced diet to give you all the benefits it should…

Here at the Cheapest we’ve thought of some great ways in which you can get fit for free:

  • Walk to work or school instead of driving. This will also save you money!
  • Set up a circuit in your garden- find things to weave in and out of, jump on, push or pull.
  • Use cans of food to work your arm muscles instead of buying expensive weights
  • Visit the beach and run on the sand rather than the concrete for an extra work out on your legs
  • Wall press ups
  • Dining chair dips
  • Book chest presses-use heavy books instead of weights!
  • Sofa crunches
  • Weight squats using flour or sugar
  • Step ups on a low bench, chair or stairs
  • Dog walking- your own or other peoples
  • YouTube exercise videos
  • Get off the bus earlier
  • Volunteer work-get busy
  • Gardening
  • Parking further away and walking in to school or work
  • Taking the stairs instead of the lift
  • Start a community sports team with your neighbours
  • Dancing-stick on your favourite CD and just dance!
  • Look out for free Gym memberships
  • Make a skipping rope from rope, string or ribbon that’s spare at home
  • Apps-there’s some great free Apps out there for monitoring your diet and recording exercise
  • Play with your children in the park or garden-they’ll certainly keep you busy!
  • Vigorously clean your house for a big calorie burn!
  • Use a basket instead of a trolley if you visit the shops for a great arm workout
  • Get moving in the ad breaks of your TV show
  • Look out for free walking groups
  • Swap workout DVDs with your friends to get some variety
  • Go for a walk with your buggy and you’ll even be able to do squats at the same time!
  • Check out adult exercise equipment at your local park

Having a go at some of these activities can provide you with a great way to fit exercising into what you do every day.  Don’t struggle with juggling a hectic schedule when the answer is right before your eyes!

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