Get active with your kids this Christmas!

Get active with your kids this Christmas!

This Christmas we know that getting out and doing exercise will be the last thing on your childrens’ minds, especially when they get a new Xbox game or their favourite programme is on TV. But there are ways that you and your children can have fun and get active this Christmas, especially after all of the turkey and potatoes that will be consumed on Christmas day. If anything, it could end up providing some much needed relief to being hauled up in the house!

According to recent studies, half of all seven year olds, especially girls do not do not take part in enough exercise. So make it your goal to get out and get active this Christmas as a family.

Below are four great family activities that your children will love and that will help them to stay active over the Christmas period.

1.  Family flag football – This is done by splitting your family up into two teams and by having different colour napkins or cloths for each team tucked into your pocket or waistband. The way flag football works is when one team pulls the material from the person that has the ball on the other team, the game ends. This will get you and your kids burning calories in no time!

2. Pillow fights! – Everyone remembers the moment when mum, dad or even our siblings took two large cushions off the sofa and used them to make a block so we couldn’t pass them. The goal was that you had to try and barge past them before they could get us, exactly the same as the game bulldog but this can be done indoors. This is a fun game and certainly helps burn calories without even realising!

3. Pedometer competition – Each member of your family has a pedometer (you can get them for under £4 at most retailers including Argos) and you all compete against each other for that can do the most steps in a day. This will be fun competition for your kids, especially if the winner gets a prize!

4. Video games! – When it’s cold outside this winter you may just fancy staying in and watching television with your kids. But why not purchase a dance game or even better a sporting game that allows you to jump around and act silly with your whole family? Doing this will not only burn lots of calories but will also be lots of fun for you and your kids and they will enjoy your company at the same time!

Don’t forget that keeping active with your kids can help you save money on your life insurance! Most insurers will offer you much cheaper rates if you have a healthy and active lifestyle!

So call the cheapest life insurance today and see how much you can save when you stay active!

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