Fun Facts about Valentine’s Day!

Fun Facts about Valentine’s Day!

As Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, here at the Cheapest Life Insurance we have decided to give you some fun and interesting facts about Valentine’s Day, which you may or may not have known before!

Fun Fact Number one

In Japan, Valentine’s Day is normally when the female will show her love to her partner and on March the 14th they celebrate White Day, where the man will then reciprocate! Women will normally give men chocolate presents on Valentine’s Day and if a man receives handmade chocolates, this is a sign that he is the women’s “only one”. White Day was started in 1978 and on this day the gift that is given should be three times more expensive, than the one received on Valentine’s Day!

Fun Fact Number two

In the middle ages, names of men and women were drawn out from a bowl and then were declared each other’s valentines. The term “wear your heart on your sleeve” comes from this tradition, as the names that were drawn from the hat, were pinned to the sleeves for everyone to see for a week.

Fun Fact Number Three

It is a myth that if you find a glove on Valentine’s Day, your future partner will have the other glove. Another great myth is if you eat an apple on Valentine’s Day, the number of seeds that you find in that apple will show you how many kids you will have.

Fun Fact Number Four

Valentine’s Day was only associated with love once people though that the 14th of February was the start of mating season for birds.

 Fun Fact Number Five

In Verona, where Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet lived, around 1,000 letters is received addressed to Juliet every Valentine’s Day!

Fun Fact Number Six

In Medieval times, women would eat strange and unusual foods on St Valentine’s Day, as they believed it would make them dream of their future husband.

Fun Fact Number Seven

Over nine million pet owners are anticipated to buy gifts for their animals on Valentine’s Day.

Fun Fact Number Eight

Teachers are thought to receive the most amounts of Valentines, followed by children, mothers, wives and beloveds.


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