Fun Facts about the month of January!

Fun Facts about the month of January!

We all know that the month of January marks the start of a brand new year and is normally a very cold month for us in the northern hemisphere, but what else do we know about January?

Below are seven fun facts that you may not have known about the month of January:

  1. The month of January was named after the god Janus which means door in Latin. Janus has two faces and is able to look back to the past year as well to the future year at the same time. Janus was also known as the ‘Spirit of Opening’.
  2. The very first Roman calendars only had ten months not twelve and the beginning of the New Year actually started on the 1st of March. Once January and February was then added to the Roman calendar, March then continued to be the start of the year until 1752.
  3. Not including leap years, January will always begin on the same day as October does.
  4. Originally the month of January only has 29 days but Julius changed this to 31. The calendar that is widely known today is the Gregorian calendar and this is a modification of the Julian calendar.
  5. Famous people that were born in January includes:

-          Benjamin Franklin

-          Elvis Presley

-          Muhammad Ali

-          Justin Timberlake

-          Stephen Hawking

-          Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

-          Martin Luther King Jr

-          Dolly Parton

-          Benedict Arnold

-          And many others!

  1. Although giving blood is important throughout the year in order to save lives, January gets to be National Blood Month.
  2. Facebook users are asked to change their profile picture to a picture of a Muppet this January.

Have a great January everyone from us all at the Cheapest Life Insurance and wrap up warm!

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