Food that could put you in a bad mood!

Food that could put you in a bad mood!

Everyone is prone to having a bad day every once in a while, but did you know that there are certain foods that could actually make your mood worse? In today’s blog, the Cheapest Life Insurance is going to look at how different foods could affect your mood.

If you feel that you have not been feeling yourself for a while and your mood has been more negative recently, it may be down to your diet and the types of food that you have been eating. Below are some of the foods that have been known to put you in a bad mood!

Food that may dampen your mood:

  • Bagels – Bagels are surprisingly high in sugar and are also a refined carbohydrate. Studies have shown that eating refined carbohydrates could increase the risk of depression by up to 60% in some people.
  • Caffeine – Consuming a high amount of caffeine products such as energy drinks and coffee, could lead to a caffeine crash, after the initial energy boost that caffeine gives people.
  • Sweets – Most foods in general that have high sugar content, will leave you in a sour mood once your sugar rush has ended. Try to substitute sugary foods such as chocolate and biscuits for more natural sugars by eating fruit instead.
  • Fizzy drinks – Fizzy drinks are also high in sugar which is why your mood may take a sudden plunge, once your sugar levels come down.

As you can see, most foods that are high in sugar could substantially dampen your mood. But are there any foods that can brighten your mood?

Food that might brighten your mood:

  • Salmon and Walnuts – Both of these foods are high in omega 3, which helps to fight against depression and mood swings. Foods that are high in omega 3’s are also known to help you with your memory.
  • Green Tea – Green Tea contains an antioxidant called theanine, which can work as a calming agent.
  • Greek Yogurt – If you want to brighten your mood and boost your immune system eat some Greek yogurt and feel the benefits of probiotics!

So if you are having a bad day, why not have some of these ‘super foods’ that could give you a great mood boost!

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