Featured Article – Ageas

Featured Article – Ageas

Ageas is one of the biggest life insurance providers in the country. They have been around for nearly 200 years, albeit with a lot of different names! Their roots are in the Benelux countries, but they operate in over 14 countries, including the UK. They have around 8 million life insurance customers and around 20 million customers in total. To give you another way of looking at how big they are, a policy is sold through Ageas every 7 seconds!

Despite their foreign roots, the main Ageas life insurance call centre is actually based in Hampshire. However, their call centre is mainly used for making outgoing calls as you cannot actually get life insurance directly through Ageas, you need to use a Financial Adviser or a broker like The Cheapest Life Insurance.

Ageas won numerous awards in 2013, including the acclaimed Gold Standard award for General Insurer of the year, and an accolade for Personal Lines Insurer of the year from Insurance Times.

Ageas offer a lot of added benefits along with their award-winning life insurance. If the owner of a policy dies and leaves children behind, they offer support through a specialist called Winston’s Wish. Winston’s Wish are a UK charity who provide support to recently bereaved children, young people and their families. Their support comes in a range of guises, depending on the needs of the family. They offer residential courses, one-to-one sessions and counselling over the phone. The belief behind it is that children grieve differently to adults, and therefore require a special kind of support. They also aim to support a bereaved parent, as they may not be able to concentrate on the grief of their child if they are so wrapped up in their own.

A second benefit Ageas provide is the service of ‘Best Doctors’. Best Doctors membership allows the policy holder to a second medical opinion on the diagnosis or treatment of any serious medical conditions affecting them, their partner or their children. To be clear, this is not just any second opinion, this is the opinion of someone who has been universally recognised as an expert in their field. This service is offered at no additional cost and does not need to be linked to a claim.

Of course, these benefits are offered alongside the life insurance. Ageas offer level term cover, Mortgage cover, Indexation, Critical Illness Cover, the list goes on! There is no waiting period to claim and no exclusions for the life insurance, unlike other insurers who exclude suicide for the first 12 months.

To find out more, please visit: https://www.ageas.co.uk/insurance-products/life-insurance/about-ageas-protect/

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