Favourite sports in the UK

Favourite sports in the UK

Having a sports hobby that you enjoy is a great way to get fit and stay in shape, yet despite all of the health benefits, a surprising amount of people will not partake in any sports at all. So in today’s blog, the cheapest life insurance look at some of the UK’s top sports, in hope of motivating those of you who would like to get into a sport, but are unsure which to do.

A person’s favourite sport will depend on what part of the UK they live in, as everyone will have their own opinion. If you do not have favourite sports, why not try out a few from the list below and feel the benefits of exercise!

So here they are! The top sports in the UK based on the population as whole; according to research. Please note that this list is still open for discussion.

  • Walking – Although some would argue that walking is not particularly a sport, we couldn’t disagree more! You can walk anywhere for any duration and be rest assured that walking will get you in great shape when done regularly! So why not take your dog for a long scenic walk or plan a walk with your loved ones and take a picnic? You don’t have to be typically ‘sporty’ to enjoy being active!
  • Swimming – Swimming is great exercise and will tone up your whole body! Swimming is a great sport to get into, especially children, as it can be fun to splash around and gets them active!  Swimming also has a lot of added health benefits including looking and feeling younger!
  • Football – Football is one of the most popular sports in the world and is played in most countries. People of all ages can play football and it doesn’t even matter how short/tall you are in order to play well. Playing football can also be a great cardio workout and is a great way to keep fit. Other benefits of football include: building strength and lowering body fat.
  • Cycling – People, who cycle regularly can lose weight, reduce stress and improve their fitness. Cycling is also a great form of travel and can save your money on travel expenses and get you active at the same time!
  • Golf – Golf is another great form of getting active in a social environment.  Research suggests that people who regularly play golf live longer, sleep better and are less stressed.  Other health benefits of golf include: staying fit, improving muscle tone and losing weight.
  • Fishing – Fishing can be a great sporting hobby and many people find it very relaxing as well as exercising their patience. Although some people see fishing as a ‘lazy sport’, it can still be great for your health, especially as it gets you out in the fresh air!
  • Running – Running has lots of amazing health benefits including weight loss, having a more restful sleep, a healthier heart, a great complexion and much more! Running can also be great for dealing with stress and anxiety, as studies suggest that regular running could reduce the activity of serotonin receptors in the brain which control your mood.
  • Tennis – Summer is a great time to start playing tennis. Tennis is a great full body workout and can also improve your balance. You could even play tennis indoors, if you have a computer console such as a Wii or an Xbox Kinect. The average tennis player is expected to burn up to 600 calories an hour while playing!

So whatever sport you play or enjoy, why not try a sport within this list and get the health benefits to match!

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