Eight movies that teach some great life lessons…

Eight movies that teach some great life lessons…

While the movie industry can be taken with a pinch of salt, there are some absolute classics that have been put to celluloid that arguably teach us all something about the world in which we live.  It is true that Hollywood is called La La Land due to the idea that it’s full of crazed people who live in what some call a bubble, but sometimes, without you realising, it produces a film that really resonates.

So in today’s blog, The Cheapest Life Insurance takes a look at some of the movies that have in some way taught some great life lessons…  What movies do that for you?

It’s a Wonderful Life

Consistently voted a favourite by movie lovers everywhere, this Frank Capra classic is played without fail every single Christmas and with good reason.  What does it teach you?  Probably one of the biggest lessons in life that you are invaluable to the ones you love the most.  In the film, we all see Jimmy Stewart’s character make sacrifices for his family and while he never gets the career he dreams of, he does get a family that would not be who they are without him.

Finding Nemo

This gorgeous (now classic) movie is story about letting go and growth in the shape of the adorable clown fish Nemo and his father.  What does the movie teach us?  That sometimes we have to let go of those we love so that they can grow, but in doing so we also grow ourselves.

Wreck it Ralph

An extremely popular franchise this Disney film teaches you one very valuable lesson…Your job does not define you.

The Pursuit of Happiness

While you may have some crazy ideas about what you’d like to do, this film teaches you that while your dream may be distant it is actually not impossible to get there.  We all have routines that at times become frustrating. But, if you are brave enough to do something about that you really can achieve the unachievable!

The Bucket List

This little classic starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman is the story of two people who are critically ill and who meet in hospital.  The bottom line about this film is that you may well be inspired to create your own bucket list, pack your bags and one day go off and start ticking off the list before it’s too late.   Do what you’ve always wanted to do and you will not leave the world with any regrets.

The Family Man

A film that may well be a little under the radar, yet strangely perhaps one of Nicholas Cage’s classics really.  The story really inspires thoughts about life.  The decisions you’ve made (and those you haven’t).  Wealth is pitched against family too, as the lead character played by Cage is given a life-changing experience.  He goes from being the single (lonely) career driven man, to the family guy, who married his college sweetheart.


Starring Adam Sandler, this comedy drama offers quite a few life lessons.  As a workaholic, Sandler’s character gets lost in his work, not making quality time for his family.  He gets a magic remote control that essentially teaches him to savour every single day he has with his kids and appreciate what he has in life.

The Great Gatsby

There are actually many lessons that this film can teach you but perhaps the most prudent is that money can’t buy you love or friends.   Again, this film does what many movies have done, it teaches you that money helps you live, but family and real friends are your biggest asset.


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