Do you remember? Scenes in movies where someone dies…

Do you remember? Scenes in movies where someone dies…

If you like your movies then you may well remember scenes where someone has die.  Morbid perhaps, but that doesn’t mean that these movies don’t have some kind of impact on us.

So in today’s blog, The Cheapest Life Insurance takes a look at some of the most memorable death scenes in movies and why they have so much resonance with us.


This classic childrens’ film has brought tears to many eyes (adults included).  One of the saddest parts of the film is where the doe dies and you cannot stop yourself from feeling the way that you do.  It’s so sad when Bambi is alone and actually despite being an animation resonates because we all know that those we love most are not always going to be around, whether we like it or not.

King Kong

There have been more than a few versions of this classic story and to this day, the scene when the great gorilla dies is still heart breaking.  When Kong dies it symbolises loss but also how man does not put his or her wants into perspective and ends up pursuing something with terrible results.

The Elephant Man

A very loose interpretation of the Elephant Man story, David Lynch’s masterpiece is truly heart breaking.  Not only does the film highlight what ‘otherness’ does to people, it is so sad to see the main character finally get his wish of sleeping like ‘normal people’ do.  Played out to Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings, this death scene is a total tear jerker.

Who will love my children?

This is an old film (1983) and many people will not have seen it.  However, it highlights the true story of a woman’s struggle in the fifties when she is diagnosed with a critical illness.  In short, she is terminally ill and has to find homes for all ten of her children, because she felt her husband could not properly care for them.

This one’s a total tear jerker and despite its age, still has resonance with any parent in the same position.


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