Do drinking diet drinks make you fat?

Do drinking diet drinks make you fat?


In today’s blog, the Cheapest Life insurance will look at the Mail Online’s article “Does even diet coke make you fat?

A US study that involved over 23,000 US adults found that people who were overweight or obese, drank more sugar free drinks than those who were a healthy weight.

As a result researchers believe that this could indicate that these people were more conscious of calorie counting. The study also found that the people who drank more sugar-free drinks also had a tendency to consume more food.

Diet drinks reduced the calories consumed within drinks, but this was counter balanced than people of a similar weight who would drink non-diet drinks.

Researcher’s theories on the results


The researchers have a number of different theories on why this might be the case:
1. Although the drinks are sugar-free, they still activate the brains “sugar reward” pathways, so that after the person has consumed the drink, they still have a sweet tooth, which will cause them to eat more subsequently.

2. Another theory is that people may just make up the calories that they used to have from sugary foods and eat more food instead.


Unfortunately, due to the design of the study as it took data from one point in time, the results cannot categorically answer whether or not Diet Coke will make you fat.
However, if you are still wondering whether to drink sugary or diet drinks, why not take NHS choices advice and consider drinking tap water instead as it is completely calorie free and also cheap!
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