Diet and cancer link often ignored by those who simply don’t know…

Diet and cancer link often ignored by those who simply don’t know…

According to The World Cancer Research Fund, a good number of people are completely unaware that there is a link between cancer, diet, body weight and exercise and that there are things they can do to help prevent it.

The charity said it is trying hard to dispel the idea that cancer itself is unavoidable.

A new poll, released to mark World Cancer Day discovered that of those asked, 49% are completely unaware that diet can affect the risk of getting cancer.

In the poll, two thirds of 2000 British adults were not aware of the links between cancer and physical activity and that 59% of them were unaware of the link between cancer and body weight.

Moreover, over a third of individuals believe that their risk of getting cancer would be mainly down to family history of the disease.  However, only 5 to 10% of cancers are linked to inherited genes.

In short, the charity wants to encourage individuals to take some steps to assist in reducing their risk of getting cancer which include;

Eating a healthy diet with lots of vegetables, fruit, whole grains and pulses.

Maintaining a healthy weight with BMI between about 18.5 and 25 for people.

Being physical active through exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes a day.

Cancer prevention awareness is something that so many people do not take note of, yet with some changes to lifestyle it could assist people in preventing certain types of cancers so it seems sensible to at least take some of this information on board.

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