Diabetes: Looking after your feet

Diabetes: Looking after your feet

If you have diabetes it’s especially important to take care of your extremities, one of them being your feet.  The Cheapest Life Insurance takes a look at why you should be looking after your feet and how you can take of them? Protecting your feet will help you to avoid extra medical complications and keep your diabetes under control.


Diabetes can reduce the blood flow to your feet and cause a loss of feeling.  This could be dangerous in a situation whereby you have damaged your foot and you don’t realise which meals any healing processes or medical attention may not start when needed.  According the NHS you are 15 times more likely to have a limb amputated due to gangrene. If your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels are kept under control the risk of potential complications is bought down.

Gangrene is a serious medical condition affecting blood supply which causes tissue to die. It typically affects your toes, feet, fingers and hands.

What can you do?

There are certain things that you can do to make sure your feet are especially taken care of if you have diabetes. Failing to do so could but you at serious risk of health complications.

  • Keep your feet clean to avoid infection
  • Avoid having bare feet inside and out.
  • Try to avoid sitting with your legs crossed to allow flow of circulation
  • Visit a podiatrist at least once a year. You can see one privately or you should be eligible through the NHS.
  • Wear proper shoes that fit you correctly without squeezing or rubbing on your feet. Wearing badly fitting shoes will cause corns, callouses and nail problems.
  • See medical advice if foot problems such as blisters or ulcers aren’t healing quickly
  • Cut or file your toenails regularly


If you are a smoker and you have diabetes you’re putting your health at further risk as smoking impairs blood circulation and can help to worsen foot or leg problems. If you are thinking about giving it up smoking this could be great push and can improve your health overall as well as having a knock on effect on your diabetes.

Seeking Help

If you notice certain problems it’s time to consult your GP. This includes cracked skin, discharge, changes in colour, swelling or unhealed blisters or sores.

Looking after your feet when you suffer with diabetes can be really simple, most steps involve basic care that you’ll already be doing.  If you don’t put things in place to avoid  getting foot related health issues you could suffer serious long term damage which may mean you aren’t as mobile, emotional/physically stresses and strains and time off work. Prioritise yourself and your health.

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