Cut out the fizzy drinks and you could lose a lot of weight!

Cut out the fizzy drinks and you could lose a lot of weight!

Did you know that one of the major causes of obesity is fizzy drinks?  Therefore, if losing weight is something you want to achieve, reducing or better still stopping your consumption of them could be a massive help.

In the last twenty or so years, drinking fizzy drinks has started much earlier with children as young as three or four gaining access to the sugary fixes.  Additionally, as well as all the sugar, caffeine is another ingredient that crops up with some of the well-known kinds of carbonated drinks.

But you drink diet?

Carbonated drinks have absolutely no nutritional value at all and some estimates suggest that two cans of fizzy drinks a day can add about 24 to 35 pounds of fat to your body each year.  This does depend on your body size, your age and exercise habits though.

Some people have claimed that giving up their two cans of fizzy drinks a day has resulted in a loss of up to 20 pounds within six months or so.  Moreover this suggests that by giving them up and adding some well thought out exercise more weight could come off, hopefully helping you feel better and healthier.

In truth, even diet drinks have been linked to difficult weight loss.  It is believed that the use of artificial sweeteners actually tell your brain to crave food.  So you can imagine how this doesn’t help you when you want to lose those pounds!


One thing people don’t realise is that some experts believe the process of carbonation actually binds fat cells.  What this means is that fat loss slows right down, making it more difficult to lose those extra pounds, even if you are exercising.

Water is the best choice for keeping hydrated but for those who don’t like its lack of flavour you can consider adding in lemon, lime or even oranges to help it taste better.  However, don’t underestimate the power of the body to make you crave water.  Without the sugary drinks, after a while you’ll find that your tastes change and you no longer crave it like you once did, but will find yourself dreaming of a cold glass of water instead.

Of course squash may be an alternative, but be careful as this can be very high in calories!

The best advice is to cut out the fizzy drinks and only have one as a rare treat once in a while!

As soon as you give up fizzy drinks you’ll find your skin feels so much better and that you end up losing weight because you’re not taking in so much sugar.

Give it a try!


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