Could losing weight earn you money?

Could losing weight earn you money?

Do you want to lose weight but have struggled to find motivation to do so? How about if you could earn money from losing weight? As crazy as it sounds there are ways that you could earn money from losing weight and in today’s Blog, the Cheapest Life Insurance Investigates. Even if money normally fails to motivate you it may still be a great reason to get to your weight goals and live a happier, healthier life!

Below are some of the ways we found that you can make money from losing weight:


  • Start a weight loss competition at work/ with your friends


When dieting with friend’s, you are much more likely to stick to your goals than dieting alone.  Each member could put some money into a pot and at the end of the challenge the person with the highest percentage of their weight loss would win all the money!


  • Join Dietbet


Dietbet is a website that allows users to host weight loss challenges. Here every participant within the group stakes the same amount of money and has four weeks to lose four percent of their body weight. People who succeed in doing this then splits all of the money that is in the pot! To keep everything fair everyone who participates, needs to show photos of their scales, as well as full body photos before and after the competition.


  • Gym-Pact


This mobile app helps you keep your commitment to going to the gym. You decide how many times a week you want to work out and how much you will pay if you fail to meet your target. If you do stick to your goals you could earn money from others who have failed to meet theirs.


  • NHS weight loss scheme


The NHS weight loss scheme is run by an external company called Weight Wins and offers a number for financial incentives for losing weight. Weight wins offer a diet program, where anyone can sign up to for a monthly fee and with each pound lost they will reward you. However, if you do not register a weight loss it could cost you money.


So if you feel that you could do with financial motivation for losing weight why not try some of the methods we have suggested? Just make sure that you lose weight the healthy way and above all else you are dieting for yourself and not for any other reason!


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