Common mistakes when it comes to life insurance

Common mistakes when it comes to life insurance

I’m only thirty and therefore it doesn’t apply

Why bother with life insurance?  You don’t really need it do you?  If you’re in your twenties or thirties you’ve got plenty of time to sort it out and anyway, you don’t have any children yet and you’re not even married!

It’s amazing that even single people who own their own home and who have some kind of debts assume that life insurance isn’t relevant to them.  However, this may not be the case, as any debts you leave should something happen to you will go to your family.

The upside to buying when you’re young is that premiums tend to be much cheaper. Which means you can avoid leaving your family with some kind of financial issues should something happen to you and it won’t cost the earth.

I don’t need to do any research

Despite life insurance being something that’s easy to buy you should not really buy it on a whim or with no thought behind it.  What you should do is research the company you’re interested in buying from and make sure you’re making the right choice.

Equally, make sure you check out any online reviews to get a grasp of their customer service levels and if you’re buying for the first time, make sure you compare prices and policies.  Do not buy on price alone.  Less ethical companies will sell you a policy that may not be good for you.  If in any doubt you should see independent professional independent advice.

Life today and don’t worry about tomorrow

When you’re young there’s a tendency to live for the now rather than the future.  However, making the right health and lifestyle choices now could serve you later.  Equally, if you don’t look after yourself, when you finally do get around to buying life insurance you may find your premiums have gone up.  Maybe you take up smoking or your alcohol consumption is a little high.  Aside from doing damage to your body you aren’t really doing yourself any favours when it comes to your policy premiums.

Not telling the truth

This is a big one and many people do it.  However, it’s a very silly thing to because when it comes to claiming there could be real problems.  Insurance fraud is actually a crime so while a bit of information may not seem too bad (if you don’t mention it) if it gets found out you’re really not helping yourself.  So be honest!  Whatever it is, it’s not worth risking your policy and your premiums for!


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