Can people in high risk occupations get life insurance or do companies simply give false hope?

Can people in high risk occupations get life insurance or do companies simply give false hope?

People who work in high risk occupations may have difficulties finding life insurance for obvious reasons. If you work in a job that puts an increased risk on your health, or even life, insurers will think of you as more likely to claim and therefore you may have trouble being excepted in the first place or you may have to pay more costly premiums to reflect that risk.  Every insurer will look at your likelihood of claiming when they assess you in the first instant, if you’re more likely to claim, it can become a harder journey into getting the cover you want. But with some companies specializing in circumstances of this kind, can people get cover that truly reflects their lifestyle or is the reality more of a nightmare?

Occupations which can be classed as high risk include jobs such as being a pilot, working in the oil field, manual labor and being in the armed forces. Not to mention more unusual and obscure occupations such as explosive handlers, executive chauffeurs and crane operators. See The Cheapest Life Insurance High Risk Jobs for more information.

For people working in high risk occupations and potential insurers it can be a real ‘weighing scales situation’. Those who work in dangerous jobs are classed as being more likely to claim therefore their premiums are high to recognize the potential risk and for high risk workers themselves they may need life cover due to their work but also want something that’s manageable to maintain. But is life cover worth it? Life cover can mean your family are taken care of, even when you are no longer here to do so yourself and for people who work with danger, isn’t it even more important?

Every insurance company will match your information against their underwriting criteria. Each company has criteria which is unique to them. What may not be accepted for one may be okay for another thus if you are working in a high risk occupation trying to base your search around one insurer alone may be a rather narrow way to start. For people in this position, a great way to open up all of your options is to really have a look about and try a range of companies. Yes, some may say no but others may offer you what you want or find a happy alternative. Companies which advertise life insurance for high risk occupations or places which have experienced in the field are often a good place to start. Bear in mind that comparison sites are an easy way to access the market and avoid all the hard work. Whether you job is dangerous or not!

You may have to suffer a few knock backs before you find the right cover but it’s important to be honest and give it your best shot. Be flexible and open to a variety of insurers and cover types. Without these characteristics you could be missing out on something which could prove vital to your future and the future of your loved ones. It’s possible that not everyone that tries to get cover, will do so but if you look hard enough, whether you have previously been declined or not, you may just find what you’re looking for! At the Cheapest Life Insurance we aim to find life insurance for people working in high risk jobs so that they can have cover which gives a true reflection of their lifestyle and circumstance. Our great resources are designed to help you.

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