Can keeping your hands clean make you happier?

Can keeping your hands clean make you happier?

Here at The Cheapest Life Insurance we do try our best to bring you interesting articles and today’s blog is no different because aside from being good for hygiene, washing your hands could also make you happier!

The Mail Online reported earlier in the year that hand washing might actually help to get rid of those feelings of failure and guilt you might be harbouring.  However, is there any truth in this notion?  Could putting your hand under the tap really make you feel happier?

The test that was completed utilised an anagram test that was apparently not possible to complete, followed by an easier one a few minutes later.

In between the tests, the subjects were put into three groups.  One was the ‘control group’ and the other two were asked to rate how much optimism they felt about taking part.  The subjects in one group were then asked to wash their hands, while those in the other group were not asked.

What the study concluded was that the hand washing subjects felt more optimism about attending the test.  The researchers interpreted this being down to the actual physical activity of washing hands, helping people remove any feelings of failure in not being able to complete the initial ‘unfair’ anagram test.

Meanwhile the researchers concluded that those who were most optimistic about their chances in the test were actually worse because they were complacent.

While the test was interesting it remains to be conclusively proven that washing hands affects your feelings at all though.

Cleanliness is next to…

Being physically clean is actually a human need, developed over years from our interactios with our environment, with our animal instincts kicking in to help us avoid physical contamination or sickness.

So perhaps the best advantage for us is hygiene when we wash our hands as chances are you’ll avoid getting unwell, which after all has to be the best reason to keep your hands clean!



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