Can a video game help you with diabetes?

Can a video game help you with diabetes?

It’s not very often that you’ll hear of diabetes patients being told to sit in front of a video screen but when the video concerned is an exercise game it could actually help.

We all know that physical activity can really help you if you have diabetes because it helps manage blood sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol according to some experts.

Of course, there’s no accounting for proper exercise – be that a walk or even a run depending on your level of fitness in the first place, but that’s not to say if the weather is bad that you can’t use an interactive video game to get some exercise.

So where has this information come from?

A study in Germany got people who had diabetes for five years or less between the ages of 50 and 75 and divided them into two groups.  Some of them received a Nintendo Wii Fit Plus game and a board, as well as instructions to use the consoles for 30 minutes a day.  Another part of the group did not have the console until twelve weeks after the beginning of the study.

What the study found was that patients in the original Wii group showed improvement to their blood sugar levels, compared to those who got the consoles later.

Of course you cannot guarantee this will make a difference to everyone but it does serve as a way to utilise modern technology for the better and for those people with type 2 diabetes, perhaps some time on a console would make a lot of difference to them.

There’s also another benefit to the console of course and that is family time. Be you a grandparent or a parent, having something you can do with the grandchildren or children can be a great way to feel happy and promote better health.

Happier people are generally considered healthier in lots of ways, so it’s not all about the exercise!

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