Breast cancer drug has the potential to save thousands of lives!

Breast cancer drug has the potential to save thousands of lives!

In today’s blog, the Cheapest Life insurance looks at the drug anastrozole and the recent study that shows that thousands of women have a high risk of developing the disease could half could half their chances of developing breast cancer.

According to studies, ‘taking anastrozole for five years reduces the chance of post-menopausal women contracting the disease by 53%.’ These results have led to pressing calls for the drug to be available on the NHS, especially as the drug only costs £1.95 a month.

It is shown that around ten thousand women within Britain, who are post-menopausal die of breast cancer every year. Around 20% of these women were high risk. So if the death rate for high risk post-menopausal women developing cancer was cut in half, this means that around one thousand women could be saved!

The research that backs up this claim used roughly four thousand post-menopausal women, that were identified at risk of developing cancer. To be high risk would normally mean that someone in your family has had breast cancer before.

 So what is anastrozole?

Anastrozole (otherwise known as Arimidex) is a type of hormone therapy drug that is used to treat breast cancer in women that are post-menopausal.

Anastrozole is a tablet that should be taken once a day around the same time every day.  According to Macmillan, most people have very few side effects to taking anastrozole although some may experience more.

As a conclusion, the study shows that anastrozole could reduce the number of new cases of breast cancer within post-menopausal women who are high risk and this could be a breakthrough drug after all!

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