Benefits of foods you never knew about…

Benefits of foods you never knew about…

In today’s blog, The Cheapest Life Insurance takes a look at some foods which are particularly good for you.  Some have extra amounts of Vitamin C, while some have natural ingredients that can help detox you – all while being generally very good for your health.

So without further ado, here’s some foods with benefits you probably didn’t know about…


If you see this in the supermarket you may well think you’re looking at alien food.  The Rambutan is a fruit that grows on trees.  Distinctively looking, it’s prickly exterior does not even hint at the soft fruit inside.  Rambutan has excellent benefits for your health and it has been used medicinally in certain areas around the world.  It is full of vitamin C and includes important minerals such as iron, manganese and phosphorus.

Bitter Melon

These two words may well seem like they don’t belong together but the bitter melon is a great food.  It looks a bit like a strange cucumber and has so many health benefits.  It is good for the digestion and has been known to be used to help with an upset stomach.


Mungbeans look like fairly standard beans but one thing they are particularly good for is your cholesterol levels.  They are a good source of vegetable protein too – especially if you are looking to reduce your meat intake.  There is research that suggests a connection between these beans and cancer growth too and they have offered some support for postmenopausal women in reducing some of the symptoms associated with it.

Purple Potatoes

We all know what potatoes are, but have you ever considered purple ones?  These pots contain antioxidants because of their colour and they can be eaten on a regular basis to help keep your body cleansed.  There is also some evidence that suggests they are good for hypertension and even heart disease.

Tumeric Root

This food is known for being used in Indian cuisine but it has a lot of health properties.  It is well documented as an anti-inflammatory food as well, which could be useful for those suffering with IBD.  It is great to be used in cooking as a ground up spice and you can even add it to dressings and dips!


You may have seen this in the supermarket and wondered what it’s like.  Despite how it looks, it’s actually a fairly straight-forward vegetable being a cross between a turnip and a cabbage.  It can be eaten raw, cooked and it even makes a great side dish.  It’s also packed full of nutritional value because it contains fibre and has very low levels of fat.

There are so many foods which you may have never considered, yet they offer a really good way to boost your health in so many different ways.

Why not spend some time in 2014 trying a few out and see how you get on?

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