Being Healthy and feeling the benefits

Being Healthy and feeling the benefits

It’s obvious to say that being healthy will reward our bodies, minds and lifestyle but it can also reward your finances! If you lead a healthy lifestyle and you want to take out life cover you may not only be exposed to cheaper premiums but gain access to some great benefits.

If you take out Private Medical Insurance with PruProtect you can enjoy their Vitality Scheme which benefits their clients when they are being healthy. The reasoning behind it is simple. Leading a healthy lifestyle means clients could add years to their life reducing their chance of illness and therefore meaning they are less likely to claim.  The scheme means people can earn back points from doing a variety of healthy activities. On the scheme, you build yourself a vitality status, the higher your status the more you gain back. It’s a really easy and worthwhile way of getting and being healthy with extra benefits than the obvious! Plus points of this particular scheme also include money off from various holiday companies, fitness products, attractions and leisure activities. What an incentive?!

When you lead a healthy lifestyle and are looking for life cover you will be in the best possible position if you lead and maintain that healthy lifestyle, this obviously includes exercising and eating healthily. If life insurance companies can see that you are looking after yourself, you are a great position to be exposed to some excellent cover deals. This is not to say that people with existing medical conditions or people that are not leading overly healthy lifestyles would be exempt from gaining cover. Each person that wants life cover should apply for it and perhaps use it as a reason for getting healthier, because premiums can go down if you’re willing to put some effort in!

Here are some links to the NHS website which has some really interesting information on healthy eating and gives a deeper look into the positives of exercising.

It’s easy to see the benefits of being healthy but sometimes it’s hard to put it into practise. Wanting to get the best possible life cover for a premium that works well for you, could be the incentive you need. Your bank account could feel the benefit and so could your future. Making a change to a more active lifestyle really isn’t as hard as you think and with obesity levels as they it’s becoming ever more important.  Your GP or gym can give you information on your weight, BMI and diet as well as information on speeding up your metabolism and creating a fitness or diet plan. There are plenty of resources out there, many of which are free!

Taking care of yourself and your family has to be one of the most valuable and worthwhile things we will ever do. Looking after your health and their health is priceless. Life is unpredictable so it’s paramount we do all we can to keep ourselves fit and well. Being healthy when you want or have life cover means your likelihood to claim is reduced and the protection you want or take out becomes a ‘safe place’ rather than a reality. Whether you want cover or not, look after yourself and you will feel the benefits.

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