Aviva Free Parent Cover – The Cheapest Life Insurance Takes a look at a great offer!

Aviva Free Parent Cover – The Cheapest Life Insurance Takes a look at a great offer!

So, you have a baby on the way – congratulations! You must be very busy doing all you can to plan for your new arrival, buying baby clothes, going to all the right classes, and baby proofing your house… Let’s be honest, whilst you might have thought of getting life insurance now that you’re going to be a parent, it’s probably quite far down on your to-do list. However, there is a new option for some very cheap life insurance that might just push it back up your list… Aviva are now offering free life cover to new parents!

Now, before you go thinking it sounds far too good to be true, let’s run through the facts. The cover on offer is limited to £10,000 per parent, which means you and your partner can be insured for £20,000 for free. It lasts from the birth of your child to their first birthday. The cover has no obligations; it will not automatically roll over to a policy so there is no catch! Also the application process is short and sweet so you can get back to caring for your little one within 15 minutes of applying, safe in the knowledge that your life, and the security of your baby, is covered.

You can apply for every new born child that you have, meaning if you have twins, you and your partner together can be covered for £40,000, for free. As it runs out on your child’s first birthday you might not think about getting it when you have your second or third baby (or fourth or fifth…), but if you already have life insurance, no matter how cheap, it is always worth considering getting a free £10,000 top-up for your cover, just for the most vulnerable months of your child’s life. One last thing to keep in mind is that you can only apply after the birth of your child.

Naturally the thought of dying in your child’s first year is not something any parent wants to dwell on. This specialist cover from Aviva is designed to help you in a very crucial stage of your family life, so that you don’t have to worry about what would happen to your loved ones should you pass. It is a free and simple way to give yourself and your partner peace of mind, so you can concentrate on the day to day business of taking care of your family.

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