Are you keeping the Doctor away with an apple a day?

Are you keeping the Doctor away with an apple a day?

It has been found by Oxford University that at apple a day really will keep the doctor away and works effectively as statins in preventing strokes and heart attacks. So the well-known expression ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ has actually come to life with these exciting new findings.

This new research suggests apples have similar benefits to statins but none of the side effects.

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What’s so special about apples?

Apples contain a highly soluble dietary fiber which helps slow down bad cholesterol levels rising in your arteries as well as bad levels increasing in your blood stream. They are packed full of anti-oxidants and also help to boost and maintain your immune system.

What did the research say?

Researchers have now concluded that around 8,500 deaths could have been prevented in over 50s if each person ate an apple each day if they were not already taking statins. These numbers are staggering for something so simple to achieve. Making an apple a part of your day and making sure your reach your 5 a day could help you to maintain and enhance a healthy body. Whilst people shouldn’t replace their prescribed medication with apples it’s fair to say that adding them into your diet could have a positive influence.

Dr Adam Briggs from the British Heart Foundation Health Promotion Research Group at Oxford University refers to his research by saying:

It just shows how effective small changes in diet can be, and that both drugs and healthier living can make a real difference in preventing heart disease and stroke.”

Hundreds of thousands of people were observed in the medical trials.

Are you getting your five-a-day?

Although many of us try and eat our recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day it’s not something that everyone is doing.

More than two-thirds of adults do not eat the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, a population surveys suggest. Dr Adam Briggs and colleagues, from the British Heart Foundation Health Promotion Research Group at Oxford University, say we would all benefit from eating more.

How can we education people to eat fruit?

In recent years there has been a huge push on healthy living and healthy eating particularly for children. Educating children in maintaining and promoting good health should help to provide great starting blocks for a new generation of knowledgeable and fit adults. But what can we do for adults now? It seems obvious to say but you can’t force people to eat fruit or apples! We can only give them the facts and allow them to respond in whichever way they choose. Research such as that undertaken by Oxford University provides us with true fact and very interesting answers. The more we research, the more we find out, hopefully the more notice people will give. If the picture built is a large one, how can we argue with that?

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