Ambulance trips are up by 81% in three years in the over 90’s

Ambulance trips are up by 81% in three years in the over 90’s

In today’s blog the Cheapest Life Insurance will look at the BBC News Health article that the number of people aged 90 and over, who have been taken to A&E by an ambulance in England has risen by 81%.

Data highlighted by the labour show states that there was over 300,370 trips between 2012 and 2013 compared to between 2009 and 2010 where there was only 165,910 trips.

The labour party have suggested that high rise was connected to cuts within the social care budget, which means that the elderly have been suffering as a result, as they have not been receiving the backing needed in order to stay fighting fit.

Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham has said:

“The government’s severe cuts to social care have left thousands of older people without the support they need – at risk of going into hospital and getting trapped there.”

“It is appalling to think that, every week, there are thousands of frail and frightened people speeding through our towns and cities in the backs of ambulances to be left in a busy A&E.”

“This is often the worst place for them to be and a disorientating experience that can cause real distress. With proper support in the home, this could all be avoided.”

Heath secretary Jeremy Hunt said:

“Labour’s disastrous 2004 GP contract left many vulnerable elderly patients without good out of hours care, so it’s rank hypocrisy for them now to complain about the consequences of their historic mistake.

“We have ripped up that contract and are bringing back proper family doctoring, with named GPs for older people to help relieve A&E pressures.”

Hopefully now that these shock figures from the Health and Social Care information centre have been highlighted, something will be done to stop these figures rising anymore and the much needed support will be given to the elderly.

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