Alcohol, smoking and obesity could see a surge in cancer says WHO

Alcohol, smoking and obesity could see a surge in cancer says WHO

The World Health Organisation have suggested there could be a bit of a ticking timebomb where it comes to drinking alcohol, smoking and obesity, and suggests a potential tax on sugary drinks.

Where causes of cancer are linked to lifestyle such as excessive alcohol consumption, sugar consumption and obesity, the WHO has urged that these could lead to an increase in new cancer cases by as much as 70% within the next twenty years.

However, while this is potentially bad news, these cases could be preventable if people make the effort to change the way in which they live.

The richest countries within the world still struggle with the costs of treating cancer patients and in lower income countries there isn’t the budget to even cope with this prediction it is feared.

Cancer globally has actually increased from 12.7 Million new cases in 2008 to 14.1 Million cases in 2012.  By the time we reach 2032, experts are suggesting we could see as many as 25 Million new cases.

What all this means is that we are all living the high-life perhaps a little bit too much.  That’s too much alcohol in our diets, far too much sugar and a more sedentary life style which involves little exercise.

Change of lifestyle

Perhaps the thing to focus on is to eat more fruit and vegetables – which might protect against certain types of cancer and generally trying to put things into your body that you know aren’t going to have a detrimental effect to overall health.

This means giving up smoking, reducing processed foods, reducing intake of processed sugars and of course keeping the weight off.

It’s easy to understand that while we have brains we are just animals and as our brains have developed new ways to eat foods, we are not necessarily doing ourselves any favours when it comes to caring for our bodies.

Whatever you think to this latest news, you’ll know that if you eat sugary items every single day you’re not going to do yourself any favours – so why not take a few simple steps to better health this year?


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