A fresh way to lose weight!

A fresh way to lose weight!

Fed up of going to the gym and denying yourself tasty treats, week after week, and seeing no change on the scales? Well scientists in the Netherlands have come up with a novel idea to help us all lose weight! The paper, published in Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism, theorises that all we need to do to help ourselves lose weight is turn down our central heating!

As most of us know, obesity is caused by a combination of physical inactivity and excessive food intake. The Dutch scientists have suggested that one way to increase our amount physical activity is to make our houses that bit colder, and make our bodies work harder to keep us warm, therefore using up energy. When we feel cold, we shiver, which generates heat and burns calories!

However, don’t get confused and think that exercising in the cold is a sure fire way to burn extra calories. Even though you will still feel the cold when you (very bravely!) take that early morning run in January, the act of running will warm you up so much that there won’t be any extra benefit to exercising in the cold. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to exercise outside! Exposure to fresh air and sunlight will have benefits for your body and mood far beyond weight loss.

The key thing to take from the research is that we need to make our bodies work a little harder day to day. We have become so used to having everything in our control that we turn up the heating at the slightest feeling of cold! Apparently this is especially the case in public buildings, as people complain if they feel the cold, so the heating is kept high to keep them happy. However, the 10 year study found that after a period of only 10 days their subjects felt warmer and more comfortable in cooler temperatures.

Our advice at the Cheapest Life Insurance is that next time you’re thinking about turning up the heat at home… instead think about the calories you could be burning! You could even save money on your energy bills in the long run.

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