5 things you can do to improve your health today…

5 things you can do to improve your health today…

Improving your health is often not as difficult as you might think or even as you might make out. Implementing the changes and sticking to them is usually the most difficult bit but it’s definitely worth it. Staying in good health is priceless and looking after yourself is an important job. The Cheapest Life Insurance looks at 5 things you can do to improve your health today…

  1. Drinking 2 litres of water per day, roughly the same as 8 glasses. Stay hydrated throughout the day as waiting to you’ll thirsty means you’ll be dehydrated. Drinking water should help you to reduce constipation, improve kidney function and curb your snack cravings. More often than not we mistake hunger for thirst which can lead to unneeded eating. Water will also help to flush toxins from your body.
  2. Add some physical activity into your day. Exercising, even if it’s for 15 minutes will help to get your blood flowing and improve your cardiovascular health as well as aiding your digestion and metabolism. Don’t be put off by thinking you have to go to gym, you can exercise almost anywhere. You can even turn your household chores into a work out opportunity.
  3. Eating breakfast is an important part of getting your brain working and your energy levels up. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that skipping breakfast will help you to lose weight. In fact eating breakfast starts your metabolism which helps you to burn the rest of the calories you’ll be eating for the rest of the day. Breakfast should also help your want to start snacking during the day, especially if you’re breakfast contains protein.
  4. Getting a good night’s sleep help us to have a better memory, raising creativity levels and boosts your immune system. Sleeping allows our bodies to repair and restore. Without enough sleep you are more at risk of feeling run down, making mistakes and becoming ill. Try and go to bed an hour earlier!
  5. Plan your meals. Don’t just eat whatever is convenient as that food is often the unhealthiest. If you can plan what you are eating you’ll have better control over eating a variety of food groups and you’ll be less tempted to snack on junk. Not only that-you’ll save money as you can stick to a budget and be less tempted to buy unhealthy snacks/treats.

These steps are simple and easy. They also can be implemented into the lives of a variety of age groups and occupations. Protect your health and wellbeing and you’ll feel the benefits.

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