5 common Christmas Card Dilemmas!

5 common Christmas Card Dilemmas!

The tradition of sending Christmas cards dates back to 1843 and has continued throughout the years. It has now become a multi-million pound industry. You might only give to a select few or perhaps you have a list that rockets into the hundreds. Do you spend hours choosing your cards or are you someone who chucks some into their basket at Tesco? The Cheapest Life Insurance is feeling festive and think it’s time to take a closer look into the world that has become Christmas cards…

Shall I send an email instead?

This has become a popular alternative to sending a paper card but is it the same? For some people it can be a great way to save money, ‘go electronic’ and make the whole experience a great deal more convenient. For others it can be seem a lazy approach to what can actually be considered a very lovely tradition. Gone are the times when people would put pen to paper to right the simplest communication and so it begs the question if a card made of paper at Christmas should be constant which remains unchanged in our ever changing times.

More money?

The cost of Christmas cards may seem like a small expense but the cost is rising. The price of an individual card has gone up 10p from £1.52 to £1.62 according to the Greeting Card Association and a second class stamp is now 50p! You also have to consider that this cost will be raised if you go for a more intricate or ornate card. For people on a tight budget it can be a big outlay. If you want to cut down the cost why not trim your card list, buy your cards in the sale or look at emailing your Christmas Wishes? How much money you spend on your cards is something which is totally unique to you.

How much do I have to write?

Most cards come with a message already printed in them but do you feel responsible to write more or are you happy to let the card take the lead? Do write something different in each one or are you of the mind-set that whatever you write will end up in the bin?

Should I do a round robin?

Round robin letters aren’t for everyone. For some they provide a moment of hilarity and for others they are somewhat heart-warming. In an age where letters are a rarity should we simply enjoy the experience and get involved? Many people choose Facebook, Twitter and email as their daily or weekly platform for boasting or showing off so should we actually be celebrating something which only happens once year?

Save the trees!

Does sending Christmas cards mean harming the environment? Millions and millions of Christmas cards are bought each year, often in singles and multi-packs. The Greeting Card Association has said the majority of cards come from sustainability farmed trees. The impact of trees farmed in this way is far less. If you want to be environmentally friendly this year look out for cards which are recycled or have the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) written on the back. Finding cards sourced from sustainable sources may require little effort yet produce an entirely positive outcome.

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